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After Haiyan

A young girl lives in the middle of one of the worst affected areas in Tacloban - but much of the de
UNHCR tents have been put up across the devastated areas
Bodies were still being found under rubble in the middle of the city, 3 months after the typhoon
David Beckham arrives at the Astrodome evacuation centre in Tacloban to support Unicef
Children watch as Cash for Work workers cut up fallen coconut trees on the beach just south of Taclo
Missing persons wall at the Tacloban City Hall 2
Astrodome IDP camp
A Japanese NGO hands out relief to children at the Astrodome Evacuation Centre
A young girl is directed away by a policewoman after recieving a small relief package
A truck thrown on its side by the storm surge is being used as a canvas by a young artist
A man walks past one of the fallen coconut oil silos south of Tacloban - the coconut industry has be
A Cash-for-Work worker finds a photo album in the rubble of a house during the Tacloban clean up ope
A man saws a piece of steel frame from concrete in one of the worst hit parts of Tacloban - the stee
A boy plays in front of coconut trees damaged in the typhoon, and newly built fishing boats
A human-powered tricycle, one of the cheapest ways to get around Tacloban, is left at the edge of th
A boy cycles past a car pushed onto a wall during the storm surge

In January 2014 I travelled to the Philippines to make a documentary about disaster recovery after Typhoon Haiyan (or Yolanda as it is called there).


These are the photos I took while working over there (with a couple of extras from Anna Scharf). These photos were originally published by Al Jazeera English in February 2014, along with the two articles I wrote for them. 

You can read the articles here '100 Days After Haiyan' and 'A filipino's Fight Against Climate Change'.

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