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Rare and Remarkable films

So this is a side project I've been working on with my friend Derek Rawson. We've both very proud to bring you "Rare & Remarkable Films", a podcast about the art-form defining films you've probably never seen. 

So far we've released two full episodes, one on The French Connection, the other on In the Heat of the Night (although we've actually recorded many more!).

You can listen to them here, or wherever you like!

I went to school with Derek in Canberra in the 90s, and we used to watch classics and art-house new releases at the independent cinema in Canberra at the time, Electric Shadows. 


Since then I became a social worker, then a multimedia journalist (as you can see from this website) and Derek headed over to France where he lives with his wife and kids and writes and teaches English. 


But we stayed in close contact and always loved to discuss films. 

We realised there seemed to be a gap in the film podcast world of discussion of older, outside of the mainstream films, but films which have had a huge impact on the artform. And the reality was I just hadn't seen many of these films (although Derek has seen nearly all of them!) and I wanted to finally make myself watch them!


So that's what this podcast is all about, and hopefully it'll make you watch some of these rare and remarkable films too!!

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