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Sowing Seeds

This documentary was made in early 2015, in partnership with NCDFREE

It tells the story of the Werribee Community Garden and some of the characters who keep it alive and well. There's James, the Park Ranger, Evelyn, the garden manager, and Dutchie, the expert rabbit catcher. 

The garden is an amazing project - beautiful and healthy - created by AMES and Parks Victoria to be a focus for the local Karen/Burmese refugee community, of which Evelyn and Dutchie are part.

It has become a symbol of new beginnings, former refugees are growing healthy food for the community, making new friends and some are even training up as horticulturalists and rangers. 

Making the film Werribee Community Garden fast became one of my favourite places in Melbourne and I always try to get back there if I'm in town. 





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