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The Taste of Change

I made this documentary in Mexico in July 2016, for NCDFREE, an organisation working to stop non-communicable diseases (like cancer, diabetes and mental illness) around the world.


It follows the stories of three people - Verónica, a young musician, Simón, a leading research doctor and Teresa, who runs the obesity clinic at the Children's Hospital in Mexico City. 

The film covers the impact of obesity and diabetes on Mexico, and what is being done about it. Mexico has some of the highest rates of obesity, some of the highest rates of diabetes related mortality and some of the highest rates of soda consumption.


Mexico introduced a tax on sugar sweetened beverages in 2014 and it has proved impactful, despite CocaCola and PepsiCo disputing the evidence. However much more still needs to be done to address the epidemic.


Watch the film for all the details! 



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