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Trees Falling in the Forest

This is the film I made back in 2012 when I was completing my double Masters program in International Development and Environmental Analysis/Journalism in Melbourne.


I followed the stories of 3 environmental activist groups to find out how they interacted with the media and what impact that had on what they did. Some of the actions I filmed were pretty extreme, abseiling off Victoria's Parliament House, walking 300 kilometres through South Australian desert and an elderly couple locking themselves to logging equipment for their 40th wedding anniversary. 

Turns out that although the mainstream media was often sceptical and dismissive of environmental activism, media coverage was still the major goal of every protest or public political action I saw. 


As such the activists tried to shape their activities to be what the media wanted, but the media would still often ignore them or twist their message. Watch the film to see for yourself.

The film features the Australian Youth Climate Coalition, Quit Coal, and the Save Mt St Leonard Campaign. 



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