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Dirty Power: Burnt Country

I made this film for Greenpeace Australia Pacific in May 2020, with the amazing Chris Phillips.

Much like Dirty Power in 2019, we wanted to expose the very close ties between the coal industry, the Coalition and the Murdoch Media, that maintain inaction on climate change in Australia, and therefore contributed to the bushfire disaster of 2019-20.

Most of the information in the film was already on the public record, so my task was mainly pulling it together into a coherent narrative, while Chris was responsible for most of the visuals.

I was able to interview Emily Townsend, a former News Corp staffer, who shares her experiences of News Corp's climate denialism from the inside. And Professor Joo-Cheong Tham, who describes Australia's dysfunctional political donations oversight allowing hundreds of millions of dollars in political donations to remain untraceable.

Our hope is that this film will help move Australia towards greater climate action, to avoid bushfire catastrophes becoming the norm.

Cheers, Kim


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