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This short intro video is the first in a series I've been making for the World Health Organisation over the past year and a half, covering the impacts of climate change on health in the Pacific.

I started work on these vids back in July 2019, when I visited the Solomon Islands, the Marshall Islands, Kiribati, the Cook Islands, Fiji and finally Tuvalu.

In each country I was looking for people dealing directly with the health problems made worse by climate change.

And with the help of WHO and local staff I was lucky enough to find some truly exceptional people.

They include; Fiorenzo, a volunteer dietician working in the hospital in Honiara. Bobson, in charge of mosquito control in Majuro, in the Marshall Islands. Teretia, an environmental health officer monitoring water quality in South Tarawa, Kiribati. Celine, teaching young people how to find and grow traditional foods in the Cook Islands. And Loto, a nursing assistant in Tuvalu, helping patients and his own family cope with dengue and diabetes.

The videos were almost ready for release at the start of 2020, but then COVID hit and kinda changed things. With the WHO working on that these videos took a back-seat until now, when it's clear the ongoing threat of climate change has not relented during the COVID-19 crisis.

Stay tuned for more Pacific vids to come out soon.

Thanks and lots of love, Kim

These vids were made for the National Aboriginal Sporting Chance Academy (NASCA) in July 2020, to highlight the great work a group of young indigenous leaders have been doing in Western Sydney over the past year. Each young person profiled won a different award from NASCA, that would usually be presented at a gala during NAIDOC week, but because of COVID the gala was unfortunately cancelled/postponed. So, they got these vids instead!!

It was a real pleasure to be able to travel across Western Sydney to meet and film these amazing young people, and find out about their challenges and successes.

I wish them all the best in the future, and look forward to seeing all the great things they get up to over the next few years.

Made this with with the brilliant Chris Phillips and the very impressive Steph Hodgins May presenting, about the dodgy Covid Recovery Taskforce that the Morrison Government put together in early 2020 - that have recommended Australia use millions of dollars of public money to fund gas infrastructure to rebuild the economy.

This is a bad idea for a few reasons; gas is a major contributor to climate change and the world needs to be transitioning away from fossil fuels as soon as possible; Australia is perfectly placed to be a leader in renewable energy and those projects should be prioritised over gas; this is not what the people want, polls show Australians want action on climate especially after the 2019-20 bushfires; and lastly, this reeks of corruption, with several of the Covid Recovery Commissioners also working as executives in major international gas companies.



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